lectronix_engineering_thumbLectronix’ team of hardware, software and mechanical engineers are capable of quickly taking your project from concept to production. Our product development team is highly experienced in all aspects of product design and development are well known for providing creative and cost effective solutions. Bring us your ideas and we’ll provide you with a technical and development roadmap for product execution. We excel at turning visions into reality.

Whether you’ve already started development and need assistance when you hit a rough patch, we can help. If you need to interface to unfamiliar peripherals, need a printed circuit board to pass FCC compliance testing, or if you are having trouble with device drivers or porting your code to a new operating system, we’re your experts.

Hardware Engineering

Letronix’ hardware engineers can take your ideas and quickly turn them into functional products. From inexpensive microcontrollers to multiprocessing platforms, our engineers create efficient cost effective solutions.

We’ve built a vast library of reusable subsystems that can be reused in your application to reduce cost, development time and get you to market faster. Libraries include but are not limited to automotive tested power supplies, Bluetooth modules, ISM band communication subsystems, highly accurate A to D converters, microcontroller subsystems, class D audio amplifiers, and the list goes on. We look forward to discussing your unique requirements with you. We’ll get from here to market the quickest way possible.

Software Engineering

From application layer software development to custom Android device drivers, our software engineers develop reliable, modular, and tested code for incorporation into your product. Software is the secret sauce that makes your product work.

Everyone knows what happens when software development is not executed well – failing products, increased development costs and unhappy customers. We develop fully documented software to industry standards using quality coding methodologies. We would be pleased to discuss your application with you and let you know how we can increase your products performance and reliability. Let our expertise with requirement analysis, system architecture design, software coding and testing help you!

Mechanical Engineering

Lectronix uses state of the art 3D modeling tools to develop enclosures for your products. We realize that fit and finish are what your customers will judge you buy. With excruciating detail, we’ll make sure your enclosure meets exacting requirements.

Your plastic enclosures won’t suffer from sink marks, shrinkage, nit lines or warping. Metal enclosures will have the correct finish, texture, and will have the correct bends, radius, ventilation and shielding if needed.  Concepts can be quickly turned out for your review prior to full scale development. Whether your product needs to be fully IP67 submersible, mounted to a combine, or have the ability to survive 10Gs of shock, we can develop it for you.

Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout

Lectronix provides advanced expertise Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services.  If you are looking for a new design or reworking an old design due to lack of material availability, Lectronix is your partner of choice for Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout services.


Product Development

Complete product development is one of Lectronix’ specialties. We are the experts so you don’t have to be. We’ll help you to understand the development process and all the steps that are involved in developing a product from concept to full scale production.

Lectronix will develop functional specifications, detailed engineering specifications, test plans, certification test plans, schedules and most importantly costs.