Mass Production

On-Shore/Right-Shore Manufacturing Supply Chain Model

Lectronix understands that many factors drive U.S. companies to take manufacturing overseas solely based on cost containment, primarily focused on reduced labor cost, new technology and capital expenditures.

However, in today’s ever changing environment, increased overall costs have begun to outstrip offshore manufacturing attractiveness when it is compared to “the total cost of ownership”, including all contributing cost.

New cost pressures in the offshore lowest cost region model have created a new era for a more efficient model based on the execution of a combination of on-shore/right-shore supply chain management.

This new model takes advantages of using an agile, stateside product development and ramp up manufacturing facility, to captivate lower shipping and start-up costs, faster turnaround time, less management time/hassle, and provide greater production efficiency, and control during the critical time of program start up. Once your program is running and stable, Lectronix can then work with you to evaluate the best solution to optimize the “total cost of ownership” for your product.

Lectronix has championed this new model and offers solutions for both on-shore product development and right-shore manufacturing options.

The benefits in this new model include:

  • Evaluating Cost Optimized Production Solution for Best “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • Stateside Management of Intellectual Property
  • Enabling On-shore Product Development and Know How
  • Increasing the Efficiency of Product Development
  • Reducing Total Cost to Market
  • Improving Time to Market Efficiency
  • Selectivity of Production with On-shore/Right-shore Manufacturing Options
  • Improving Quality Assurance

This model’s primary focus is driven by the industry’s needs for efficiency and effectiveness of both stateside product development and on-shore/right-shore manufacturing options.