Inspection & Testing

Lectronix’s core product development and manufacturing model focuses on delivering high reliability product performance outcomes in every product technology program.

Our “Pre-Emptive Quality Process Model” is founded on 100% in process automated inspection and functional test that results in extremely high yields in the most complex of assemblies.

In our manufacturing operations we incorporate automated solder paste inspection, automated X-ray inspection (AXI) and automated optical inspections (AOI) for all assemblies manufactured.

These methods are used for all accessible parts and solder joints, not just BGA and micro BGA devices. We also inspect all products coming off the line, not just during set up and sampling.

This inspection, when combined with functional test, results in high quality, high reliability products being shipped to our customers.

This strategy has proven to be the best and quickest way to ensure that defect-free products leave our facility which reduces field failures, providing lower total cost solutions to our customers.

Your Products Quality is Assured on Every Assembly by Our Models Advantages

  • IPC Class II and Class III
  • AXI and AOI – 100% inspection of PCBA’s for real time process control.
  • FT- Functional Testing/Allows for low cost and high reliable product production.