Supply Chain

Value Chain Position

Since inception, the Lectronix team has evolved the process of how electronic products are designed, developed, engineered and manufactured in the evolving global supply chain.

In keeping pace with this evolution, Lectronix, Inc. has competitively developed a new “Embedded Design & Manufacturing Services – Hybrid Model” to accommodate the technology driven customer by:

  • Managing the Security of Intellectual Property
  • Enabling State Side Product Development and Know How
  • Increasing the efficiency of Product Development
  • Reducing Total Cost to Market
  • Improving Time to Market Efficiency
  • Balance the Scale of Production in “Low Cost/High Value Manufacturing Solutions
  • Insured by the Industries leading High–End Quality Models
  • This models’ primary focus is driven by the industries needs for efficiency and effectiveness of both stateside
  • product development and on-shore/right-shore manufacturing options.

Lectronix offers a wide range of capabilities and solutions to meet customers specific needs. We are experienced in working with small companies and global OEM’s, ranging from board assembly to full product assembly and shipment to end customers.

Our focus on process and quality control provides customers with the highest levels of reliability in their products.

Some of the services we offer:

  • PCB Design & Layout
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • PCB Assembly
  • Complete Box Build
  • Full Systems Assembly
  • Inspection and Test
  • Prototype Services
  • Quick Tune Prototyping
  • Spot Builds
  • New Product Introduction
  • Pilot Production
  • Mass Production
  • SMT
  • PTH
  • Quality Management
  • Functional Test
  • Packaging Design
  • Repair & Services
  • Production Solutions
  • Material Supply Chain Management

Quality Programs

“It’s Really All About Quality”

At Lectronix we are committed to continually improving quality. Below is a list of our Quality Programs & Compliance’s:



RoHS Compliant (Pb-free)
IPC 7721 Solder Certification
IPC-A-610 Class II of III Workmanship Standards

Lectronix quality programs also includes identifying additional requirements between our customers quality systems and our own, along with implementing plans to comply with their applicable requirements.

To view our TS and ISO “Certificates of Registration” click on the above images to enlarge.