PCB Assembly

Lectronix’s expertise is in the assembly of high mix, high density printed circuit board assemblies. We support both high and low-mix assembly volumes that range from just a few prototype units to modest quantities for pre-production, to thousands in volume production.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Capabilities

Driven by the skills of our in-house engineering experts, we provide:

  • Optimized test development and support that considers all aspects of test, including failure analysis
  • Competitive test cost, quality and availability
  • Services including Optical and X-ray inspection (AOI and AXI), and functional test (FT) development

Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities

As a leading provider of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Lectronix offers customers a full range of assembly services including:

  • High density products
  • Low-volume prototyping
  • Low-volume / high-mix
  • High-volume / low-mix
  • Build to order
  • Configure to order

Component Placement Capabilities

We combine advanced processes with highly skilled resources. Our innovative techniques extend to sophisticated packaging and assembly technology to including:

  • Placement of Discrete components down to 0402
  • Placement of 12mil high pin count leaded packages down to .5mm micro-BGA
  • Placement of QFN package devices
  • Uses a no clean solder process
  • ROHS – Leaded and Lead-free compatible
  • Application of Conformal Coatings