Lectronix Updates during 2020 “Stay Safe” shutdown.

March 25th

We hope everyone is doing OK on day 2 at home. One day at a time we are getting through this.

It was nice to see some help on the way this morning… the Federal Government is approving a $2 trillion stimulus package to help families and businesses deal with the high costs of this fight against coronavirus. Some of the money should make its way directly to Lectronix employees to help with expenses at home. Other funds will be made available as small business loans and grants to help companies like Lectronix cover payrolls and bills.

For the rest of this week, Lectronix is going to continue using personal days for hourly manufacturing personnel with enough days available. For those who are low on personal days, we must provide temporary layoff notices so that you are eligible for unemployment benefits. Those notices are being mailed and include instructions on filing for benefits.

If you receive a temporary layoff letter, please understand it is based purely on personal leave time available. This is in no way based on your performance and we are looking forward to calling everyone back.

This is a short-term direction designed to get us to the end of the week with minimal layoffs. We will have to reassess the plan again for next week.

For people working at home – we know it can be distracting but please work with purpose and focus. The work we get done from our homes during this shutdown will be one key to us getting back on our feet quickly when we can return to work and we greatly appreciate the efforts being made.

We’re trying this private webpage as a communication tool during the shutdown. If you have questions or information you think would be good on this page, please email to Tom and we’ll include on future updates.

Thank you and Stay Safe!